Before Installing Your Roof, Talk To A Flagstaff Roofer

There are more and more people interested in installing their roofs on their own, and if you are in the same position, we advise you to talk to good Flagstaff roofers.

This line of work has a lot of details that most do not know about and it is better to be safe than sorry. For instance, you made up your mind to get a simple asphalt shingle roof. Seems really easy, but once you get to work, you will realize that there are a few steps that you do not know about. The angle and position of the structure is extremely important. The calculations that go in have to be precise if you want the best outcome. There is no room for error, so that is why you need the help of an architect.

Next up is the insulation. For it to resist through all the seasons to come, there are a few layers that you should not forget about like the special foil that comes before and after the mineral wool. Any Flagstaff roofer will tell you that this is the most common mistake and that, without those materials, water could easily infiltrate.

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