Green Cleaning Products Made At Home

Everybody loves the idea of making useful things on their own, so why not make your very own green cleaning products? They are easy to make and you will notice an improvement in no time.

Most cleaning products are made out of all sorts of chemicals that in time will harm you. So, instead of getting toxic solutions all over your home, start making them all by yourself.

For instance, you can replace the carpet cleaning solution with a mixture of backing soda, vinegar, some rubbing alcohol and a dash of your favorite scent.

In a bucket mix one cup of backing soda, ½ cups of vinegar, 3 tsp of rubbing alcohol, 10 drops of your favorite scent oil and 4 – 5 cups of water. This mixture can be poured into a spraying bottle and it will last you for one month.

This is the best solution if you have pets that are hard to potty-train, as the vinegar will remove the foul odor left by the cat or dog urine. The best part is that it will not harm your pets in any way. Look to this website and start cleaning your house with green cleaning products for better results.

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