How Heat Welded Seams Can Benefit Your Dallas or Fort Worth Roofing System

Your roof keeps out cold and heat and protects your home against weather extremes. Not all roofs perform as promised and expected, and they may need repairs or even replacement within a few years from their installation.

In many cases, the roofing attachment method is the one to ensure longevity, and mechanical attachment using heat-welded seams is such a method to keep your roof solid and strong for many years.

Here are some heat welded roof repair tips for your Fort Worth or Dallas roofing system:

  • Waterproofing - Since moisture infiltration is one of the most insidious threats, a roof should avoid water infiltration, which can cause structural damage and mold growth. Heat welding is six times safer than most adhesives.
  • Durability - Unlike other methods, heat welded seams do not deteriorate significantly over time, and can successfully resist heat, cold, rain, severe weather and UV rays.
  • Energy efficiency - Since they are impermeable, heat welded seams keep water outside the building and, combined with long-term durability, they are more energy efficient, making a smart, cost-effective solution for your home.
  • Easy repairs - Your roofing system will be incredibly resistant to severe weather, but even when damage occurs, repairs are easy to make and inexpensive.

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