Senior Living Facilities In Texas – Assisted Living Defined And Regulations

Senior living facilities in Texas include assisted living as an institution that takes care of providing food, shelter and many more personal services for seniors. There are 4 main types of assisted living in Texas:

  1. Type A Home – this is for seniors that require minimal assistance with their daily activities and do not need permanent night assistance.
  2. Type B Homes – these residents require more assistance from the staff and they may also need night assistance if they have to use the bathroom and cannot move.
  3. Type C Homes – these are licensed and contracted by the DADS (Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services).
  4. Type D Homes – they are for those who require permanent attention and supervising because of medical issues.


  • All the centers must meet the requirements and the standards that have been set by the DADS.
  • Once the facility gets a license, it will be inspected by the Texas Department of Human Services, which will investigate complaints and pay unannounced visits to make sure all the standards are met.
  • Managers who take care of type A and B have to complete a course about assisted living standards, nutrition and all the other characteristics of a good system of senior living facilities in Texas.  For more regulations requirements go to

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