The Secret that All Expert Louisville Real Estate Agents Know

Louisville real estate agents can see it all while they are doing their job, from overstuffed garages to unmade beds or shocking decors. And they certainly learn a few things over the years, such as:

  • Why not all homes sell and some of them linger on the market for years;
  • Why certain buyers never reach the closing table;
  • The way to find a better mortgage deal.

For example, in order to sell your property faster, you should ask the right price for it. This is a real challenge, because every seller wants to make the most out of their property, but asking too much for it would not attract any buyer. While you are optimistic on your home’s value, buyers definitely are not.

Asking for the right price on your home means setting a price slightly below the market value. If similar homes for sale in your area are priced around $210,000, a good price for you would be $200,000 or even $198,000, to make it more attractive.

Your Louisville real estate agent – look at will tell you that the longer your property lingers on the market, the less likely to get a fair value for it you are.

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