Water Treatment Chemicals Used To Solve Hard Water Problems

Hard water has a high concentration of dissolved minerals, especially calcium and magnesium, and requires some special water treatment chemicals. It doesn’t cause health risks, unlike contaminants, but it generates mineral buildup in the water pipe system, in water house appliances (boilers, washing machines) and lowers their lifespan. Compared with soft water, it also alters the soap’s/ detergent’s performance.

So, how can be reduced the effects of hard water?

The water treatment market traditionally provides one main solution: water softeners. These are devices that work by ion exchange; calcium and magnesium in the water is replaced by sodium. They also treat small amount of metals like iron, zinc or copper.

Another efficient solution is using water conditioners. They create a magnetic field around your pipe system and make ions lose their ability to cause scale. Water conditioners are less expensive than water softeners and involve no running costs.

More recently, alternative treatments have been developed and became more and more popular; one of them is electromagnetic water conditioning.

Besides using these water treatment chemicals and devices to soften the water, you should also choose a correct detergent, reduce the temperature of your boiler and use rinse agents or vinegar to remove mineral deposits.  Contact Summit Laboratories Inc for more information.



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