What If You Are Not Happy With The Services Provided By Denver Personal Injury Attorneys?

There are situations when you may not be satisfied by the services provided by Denver personal injury attorneys and basically you have the right to fire them even if you are in the middle of a lawsuit.

The most common reasons why clients consider switching lawyers include the lack of interest from lawyers to keep in touch with them, the case stagnates, lawyers seem to be too busy and talk only through their representatives etc.

Always remember that when you hire a lawyer, you have the right to be properly represented. Your personal injury attorney must be capable of handling your case, or refer you to other legal counsel, preserve your confidence and statements, respect your decision, show you courtesy and consideration under any circumstances and inform you periodically about the status of your case.

Hire a new lawyer before firing the existing one, especially if your case is in litigation and remember to pay your first attorney for the services rendered up to the time of dismissal.

Alternatively, if you start to have any doubts about the ability of your lawyer to handle your case, you are entitled to ask a second opinion from another lawyer. Being better informed will help you decide whether you should or should not switch Denver personal injury attorneys.


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