What Operations a Parker HVAC Technician Is Expected to Perform During a Boiler or Furnace Service Call

During a service call for a furnace or boiler, the Parker HVAC technician should not omit any of the following operations, as applicable in either case:

  • Check the unit for visible signs of deterioration;
  • Monitor the system’s operation to see if adjustments or repairs are needed;
  • Perform an inspection of gas passages and ventilation;
  • Inspect and clean the ignition system, combustion area and burner assembly;
  • Clean and check the oil/gas valve;
  • Check the oil/gas pressure and connections, and burner combustion;
  • Verify that the physical connections of the individual parts are secure;
  • Check the electrical connections and components for proper operation;
  • Check the thermostat for correct functionality;
  • Inspect and clean the heat exchangers;
  • Lubricate motors and moving parts if necessary;
  • Check and clean the drainage system of the condensing unit;
  • Clean and adjust the components of the blower;
  • Check the air ducts for eventual obstructions or leaks and fix the problems;
  • Inspect and adjust, if necessary, the return-air duct at the furnace;
  • Verify the filters to not be clogged, clean or replace them, as needed.

If all these operations are performed by the Parker HVAC technician during the service call, you can make sure that you will have your HVAC system working properly. For expert services in Parker CO, visit http://1stcallheatingandair.com/parker.

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