What the Workmanship Warranty Can Cover for Your Austin Roofing Replacement

When the job is done and your new Austin roofing system is installed, it looks beautiful. Now is the time to understand that you should protect this new asset.

The roofing firm does stand behind their work because they pledged to offer you a quality product, correctly installed and able to perform for its expected lifespan. On one condition: that your new roof benefits from regular maintenance. Just like your vehicle needs oil changes, tune-up and regular inspections, your roof also needs regular upkeep and maintenance to maximize its lifespan.

Because customers want reassurance that the new roof can perform after installation, once the job is completed, the roofing firm will issue a closing package that will include a warranty for the materials used in the project.

The workmanship warranty assures you that there will be no water leaks caused from installation causes for a number of years starting with the date of installation, while leaks due to material failure are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

During this period of time, the roofing firm will repair any leak caused by improper workmanship. Exceptions from this rules are only hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, hail and lighting, which are not under the Austin roofing firm’s control and cannot be covered by their warranty.

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