Which Insulation Type Should You Choose For Your Ocala Roofing?

The best investment you could make for your Ocala roofing is probably the insulation. Besides preventing growths from forming on your roof, it also saves you time and money on maintenance. If you are not sure which insulation is the best for your particular home, here are some common choices on the market.

What Are My Choices?

  • The most common option homeowners choose is composite roof insulation. This is due to several reasons. It is not very expensive, considering the average income, making it a good choice for the common homeowner. It is formed from a few layers of sheet insulation. These sheets are laminated together to provide very good protection from the elements.
  • This next one is a mouthful. Polyisocyanurate insulation is one of the more professional solutions on the market. That is because its R value is among the highest when it comes to insulation. But this also means it has a potential downside in its high price.
  • If you just want a durable solution that will last you a long time and with a price tag that won’t deter you, Ocala roofing contractors recommend you try perlite insulation.  Previous homeowners often wished they would have made a better choice.

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